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Programs by Sky Schultz, PhD.

We have an extremely broad repertoire including live performances, slide programs, professional films, hands-on workshops, teachers in-service programs, keynotes, etc. All programs are participatory, extremely stimulating, filled with a gentle humor and adapted to the age level and interests of the audience. The purpose of all these programs is to help people gain new ways of thinking and behaving so that they can use more of their powers and which relates them more holistically to our environment.

The following programs are especially designed for children and family audiences.  The contain humor, magic, juggling, and hilarious inventions.  They are adapted to the age of the audience.

Oh my, what a magical mind you have!
This program is all about creativity in every part of your life. Professor Oops!, an explorer who stayed at home and the "World's Greatest Authority on Misteaks," will show you how to enhance your creativity and have more fun, too. The professor uses research and information from the world's most creative people to help you use your unique gifts to the fullest. The program is a splendid combination of audience participation, magic, really wacky inventions, and the professor's "Genius Lessons."

Water's Wonders
A terrific, scientific exploration concerning the most common, mysterious & unique substance on the planet—WATER, and its intimate relations to all living things.   A participatory program which is lots of fun.

Common Miracles and Common Mystries
A Lively presentation showing the science & mystery of a cornucopia of common, yet absolutely astounding things like: laughter, light, liquids & YOU! 

The Bee, The Sea, The Tree...and Thee
 A truly delightful presentation demonstrating the many invisible connections that make up life on our beautiful blue planet.

Tribute To Trees
A beautiful and entertaining multi-media celebration of the science & spirit of trees and a thoughtful introduction to ecological systems theory.

The Power of Ideas...from the Lever to the Laser
A playful and profound look at human imagination, the role of technology in history, the power of words, ideas and, most of all, the power of the mind.  Filled with ideas from Archimedes to Einstein.

The following are programs for high school, college, and adult audiences

Professor OOPS! and his "Genius Lessons"

These are explorations in creative and critical thinking by an explorer of inner space...a "explorer who stayed at home" and the "world's greatest authority on "mistakes"." The program illustrates (and encourages) creative and critical thinking (and even non-thinking.)...and is fun!!!  Often presented as a keynote for a conference.

The Science of Vision, the Mysteries of Perception, & the Art of Seeing

Sky Schultz, Ph.D. is a research scientist, psychologist, an award-winning photographer and filmmaker, and a magician who weaves together the fascinating ways we see the Universe—including all the things we miss until we have an awakened eye. A show for all ages filled with wonder, magic, and laughter guaranteed to help you learn to make boredom and the blues disappear...Presto!!!!

The Science of Sound, the joys of Music, ~ the Art of Listening

Scientist, philosopher, music lover, and humorist, Sky Schultz, Ph.D. will help you hear with "new ears" as we explore the worlds of sound and meaning. The program will help us appreciate the connection between sound, music and everyday life. Professor W.W. Ooops! will bring his wacky inventions, making this a show for all ages and enhancing the life-long process of learning how to truly listen.

Seeing the World with "New Eyes"  Traveling with Little Expense

This is a wonderful travel smorgasbord of the world's wonders. Beautiful slides of China, Japan, France, Mexico, Hawaii, Alaska, as well as many of the most scenic places in the continental U.S. are featured. Award winning photographer, Sky Schultz, Ph.D. will show you how to travel for less than it costs you to live at home while having the experience of your life! As "an explorer who stayed at home," his specialty is helping people discover the wonders that are literally in their home region. Part of the program may be Sky's Common Miracles, a film about the Indiana sand dunes which has won several national awards.

The Wonder and the Fun of the "Old Ways!"

Here is a look at your local the ordinary folks lived, worked and played in your area in the last two hundred years. Sky will show you the tools, games and customs which showed the inventiveness and hard work of our recent ancestors. Sky will show you, with slides of wonderful old photographs and tools from his collection, how we can still use 'the old ways" to enrich our modern lives. A super "low technology' show for grandparents and grandchildren alike.

The Edge of Wonder...The Pacific Coast

This is a visual exploration of the amazing coastal wonders from Alaska to Costa Rica including temperate and tropical rain forests, volcanoes and marvelous cities like San Francisco and Seattle. It includes the unique vegetation and unusual creatures like the redwood forest, the whales, and elephant seals. Sky has lived and traveled the coast for more than twenty years, collecting sights, sounds and memories which will make you start packing your backpack.

The Best Stuff...The Wisdom, Poetry, and Humor of the Ages

Most of us are trying to find a little wisdom, a little peace, and a little pleasure. What are the best sayings, quotes, proverbs, books, poems, songs, jokes, and music, that would like to share? For over thirty years, Sky has collected the best ideas he could find. He promises to bring you the best of what he has gleaned in these years of exploring, and hear what you have discovered. This will be an interactive workshop where we will share our favorite short pieces to read or short cassette tapes to play. Let's discuss what we have learned on our journeys.

The World of Food...The Ecology and  Ecstasy of Eating

The story of food is a large part of the history of humankind. From famines to feasts, we will explore how we came to eat what we do, and how our eating habits change our lives and our world. What we eat and drink affects now have profound changes in the earth's terrain and the global climate. Come and enjoy a some of Sky’s home made bread and feel free to bring some of your favorite food to share.

Common Miracles and Common Mysteries

A lively live presentation with Professor Oops! --"The explorer who stayed at home, " who explores some common but amazing things like: laughter, light, love, and liquids. He will show the magic, mystery and miracles all around us....including that wonderful and very special creature: YOU. Professor Oops! , who claims to be "the world's greatest authority on "mistakes"" and who has been called a "glad scientist", and an "explorer who stayed at home," will present a program called: "Professor Oops! Explores Common Miracles: Laughter, Love, Light, and Liquids. " This combination of accurate scientific information, wonder, and wacky humor, helps younger people (younger than 95) realize the wonder-full-ness of the most ordinary.

Note: Professor Oops! is also sometimes Sky Schultz, Ph.D. who is a clinical psychologist, filmmaker, naturalist, and "foolosopher." His passion is to communicate important ideas in entertaining ways for personal and planetary

The Film "Common Miracles"

 is not an ordinary film. This award-winning film is about you and me, and wild creatures, and the environment...which all together is ...Us! This beautiful 29 minute color 16mm film is about the wildlife that still exist even in the highly industrialized regions around Lake Michigan; but it is more than that--it is a film about us--and how we relate to our mysterious and wonderful home environment.  Sky Schultz Ph D., psychologist, naturalist, ecologist, filmmaker and humorist comes along with this film to answer questions and elaborate on the themes of the film. The program is always a delight..

Tribute To Trees...

is entertaining celebration of the science and the spirit of trees. This multiprojector slide show is about: the connections in-between which make up LIFE on this blue planet.  More than a beautiful slide program, this is a dramatic, participatory, adventure into the wonder of trees. Whether you are a "registered tree lover" or just curious about trees and forest ecosystems, this program will delight and inform.  Sky Schultz Ph.D., psychologist, filmmaker, and professional performer, will lead and exploration into: the history and mystery of trees, the science and ecology of trees-- as well as the myriad ways trees influence all of our daily lives.

There will also be a special guest appearance by Professor W.W. Oops!, "the world's greatest authority on Misteaks" who with magic and wacky props will add a great deal of humor and creativity to our thinking about trees. This is a fun, friendly, family program recommend for adults and children 8 years old and up.

The Gift of Imagination

A very special theoretical and practical program for those whose job it is to stimulate the imagination of others: teachers, minister, interpreters, facilitators and other change agents

The Serious uses of Laughter and Play 

This light-hearted and lively presentation will demonstrate how everyone who can laugh also has the creative potential to deal with life's most difficult problems. Laughter demonstrates some of the most significant process of the mind; and by seriously "foolin around" we can not only unlock our deepest potentials, but better focus our creativity on critical planetary issues

Journey into Light:. the story of ALBERT EINSTEIN- 

one of the programs in the Gentle Heroes Series about powerful and imaginative explorers of the universe around us and within us. (Note: Professor Oops! is portrayed by Sky Schultz, Ph.D. a clinical psychologist, science teacher, naturalist, filmmaker and humorist).

New programs:

The Heart of Rumi

I present the marvelous poetry of Rumi, a twelfth century Persian mystical poet for this reason: In my fifty years of searching science and spirituality I have not found anything which is so profound, beautiful, and funny simultaneously.  Called the Shakespeare of the East, he is just too good not too share.    

The Wonder of it All

The new findings of science are so astounding that I feel sorry for all those who do not know about the incredible story of particle physics, modern psychology and physiology, and cosmology…. A whirlwind tour through the majesty, beauty, complexity and immensity of it all.  

Character Profiles available special programs or events

Charles Darwin
Walt Whitman
Henry David Thoreau
Mark Twain
Albert Einstein