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From the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago…

On behalf of the entire Science Chicago team, I am writing this letter of recommendation for George “Sky” Schultz (a.k.a. Professor Oops).  Science Chicago is the world’s largest science celebration designed to awaken the inner scientists in Chicagoans and highlight the region’s science, engineering and technology resources. Labfest is a signature program of Science Chicago.  These traveling science festivals have allowed citizens to participate in free, hands-on science activities in their own back yards.  More than 15 of the region’s science and technology leaders participate in LabFest including Fermi lab and the Museum of Science and Industry.

Professor Oops has been a wonderful addition to this program, participating in 14 out of the 15 summer Labfest events.  He is a class act - punctual, reliable and very accommodating to the changing needs of the LabFest programming schedule. Professor Oops’ presentation incorporates science learning, magic and comedy in a way that is entertaining to both young and old. He teaches general principles about science and life and does an excellent job of getting kids to use their imagination and experiences to shape the world around them.  Based on feedback given to our program evaluators, kids enjoy Professor Oops’ presentation and find it to be most entertaining and memorable.

Dr. Schultz is very easy-going and eager to please both our staff and the audience.  If hired, I assure you that he will go above and beyond to produce a show that meets your standards and exceeds your expectations.

Cheryl Hughes, Executive Director, Science Chicago


Thanks again so much for volunteering to entertain the kids at our conference.  I thought the program was  incredibly entertaining.  The kids were educated and entertained all in one and they were pulled into it, even the adults were laughing.  I loved how the show had a message that the kids could take home with them and apply in their lives.  It was also displayed to them in a way that they can understand.  You did a great job holding their attention with the small magic tricks and jokes; the younger ones were even mesmerized.  Thanks again so much. 

Rachel Heiser
Histiocytosis Association of America
Pitman, New Jersey 08071

This is to thank you for your wonderful performance as Charles Darwin at the Lincoln-Darwin 200th birthday Celebration held here at Milwaukee Area Technical College.  On behalf of our committee and the 90+ audience members you really helped to make this event a success.

Thank you for bringing Darwin to life!  You really helped make this event a success.

You did a marvelous job.  While there is a slight natural resemblance between yourself and the photos of Darwin, you enhanced this with costume and developed a consistent character and a depth of knowledge that was impressive.  By the end of the event, other speakers and the audience were referring to you as Darwin, and your responses were authentic and knowledgeable as if you really were the great man himself.

Thank you again, I look forward to working with you in the future…

William Quirmbach,
Coordinator, College Events, Milwaukee Area Technical College

Sky is one of those rare and gifted educators, a self-taught naturalist who marvels at the wonder of it all, and an entertainer who presented just a fragment of Rumi’s voluminous works with a good deal of humor.

With his passion for Rumi’s works and his self-deprecating humor, smiles and laughter filled the room. …We look forward to hosting Sky again at the Schlitz Audubon Center

   -Don Qunitenz, Director of Education at Schlitz Audbon 

Dear Dr. Schultz

You and your friend, Professor Oops! were a marvelous component of the International Meeting  of the Association of Humanistic Psychology. ...Professor Oops! was delightful, and, according to conference evaluation forms, many attendees thought he was the “hit” of the conference.  Your three performances were in perfect harmony with our theme…..Your professionalism, depth of understanding, and ability to entertain while educating are qualities we do not hesitate to recommend.

   -M.A. Bjarkman, Conference Coordinator, Association for Humanistic Psychology

 Dear Sky,

You have a special talent for communicating warmth and deep concern for the welfare of others.  Meeting you was the highlight of the Quest for Excellence conference….I believe what you are doing is profound.

  Bob Nash, Founder and National Director of Adventures in Science

Dear Sky, (alias Professor Oops!)
I want to thank you again for your fine presentation…it was outstanding. Participants wanted to hear and experience much more from you.  You have so much to offer in formal and as well in informal education.. Sky, you as well as the workshop, more than exceeded my wildest expectations!  The evaluations of the seminar were outstanding… the best we have had in six years of Quest. That says a great deal, as we have had some very powerful presentations in the past.  Thanks again for your premier role in Quest.

-Leah Cox Hoopfer, Deputy Administrator 4-H and Youth Development, Washington, D.C.


Hey, World Saver,

You did a beautiful job at the Mensa in Indy. Thank you for doing that and being you…It seemed like you talked for 1 ½ hours about spirituality without once using that word. That was a masterpiece in itself.

 With gratitude and respect.

Vince Fox, Chair, Addictions Round Table, Indianapolis in.


To exaggerate only slightly…an hour with Professor Oops! Is roughly equivalent to a college education

   -Conference participant

"The assembly was one of the best we've had, particularly because of the relationship you quickly established with the children as you dramatically began the program by entering in your explorers outfit with camera in hand, THE KIDS LOVED IT!!"

Tom Darman, Principal Mullen School, Michigan City, IN

"....Six programs in one day: English, science, art and all of the students really enjoyed and learned from the programs...the staff too. Congratulations, thanks."

Diane Kubiak, English River Forest High Hobart. Indiana

" found this man incredible. He is almost 100% of what I like in people...." 
Nancy Saran, high school student
 " have such an important message and you deliver it superbly". 
Pat Schweitzer, Cooperative  Extension Service. MI
"...eighteen evaluations were returned and thirteen identified your presentation as the best part of the session."

June McMillen, National Park Service, Omaha, NE 
"You were absolutely tremendous ! It was such a joy to have you with us to share your humor, insight, and challenges...thank you for your love and warmth." 
Arron Padilla Organizer, Youth Environmental Summit, 1993, Loveland, CO
"To exaggerate only hour with Professor Ooops! is roughly equivalent to a college education..." 
Conference participant

"I found this man incredible. He is almost 100% of what I like in people...."
-High school student, Michigan City, IN
"His multi-talented background aided him in dealing with the wide age span of the audience. The dynamic presentation and audience involvement fascinated even the youngest child. We can highly recommend him for informal workshops with children."

Jan Koss, Director of an Academic Enrichment Program for Gifted Children in Michigan City, Indiana

"You have a rare gift. I don't know whether to call it thoughtful passion or passionate thoughtfulness. You have brought this rare gift to fruition in a rare film Common Miracles, and in the process given those of us who struggle to educate a rare resource, an opportunity simply through the choice of its use, to have one of those magic moments in our classroom."  
Edward Bulak, Film Studies Teacher Hinsdale Central High School, College of Dupage, Hinsdale, IL

"The principle, faculty, and students of Edgewood School thoroughly enjoyed the film Common Miracles.... Mr. Schultz answered the questions at a level the students could communicate with. His rapport with his audience was high. I: would highly recommend Common Miracles for school groups of all ages." 
Sue Potts, Teacher Michigan City, Indiana

"I highly recommend Sky Schultz's Common Miracles. The film has visual beauty, information of great interest, and a solid conceptual base... the film earns a place in diverse courses and disciplines with a wide range of audiences... As a speaker, I found him immediately at ease with my students, whom he didn't know, a presence who brought knowledge, psychological skills and an open, dramatic personality to his audience..."

May Pietz, Film and English Teacher Niles Township High School Skokie, Illinois

"I wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed your film and presentations... The elementary children were thrilled by your presentation and really interested in the art of filmmaking... The junior high students listened more intently to the film and what it had to say about our human society and our place in this universe. Your presentation was especially good for the seventh graders when you talked to them about what they can do with their lives and the endless possibilities for them in this world as one of its 'Common Miracles' is a work of art."

Jeanette Przybylinski Vocal Music Teacher Boston Junior High School LaPorte, Indiana

Thank you for bringing Dr. OOPS to the Harry and Rose Samson Family Center at COA for the family program called Common Mysteries and Common Miracles. You delighted our families with the magical wonder of science. You were very creative in how you brought information to the families and children. You were skilled at keeping parents and children alike entertained and informed. The parents had fun with the humor you used that was intended for them and you kept the littler ones entertained and delighted with Dr. OOPS' antics. Thank you for the time and energy you spent in individualizing a program that would fit our needs for the wide range of ages we had.

You are very talented to have created a character like Dr. OOPS. He is kind and gentle and funny and teaches children the wonders of science and everyday mysteries. Dr. OOPS can come and visit anytime. Please share this letter with anyone who needs to know what a wonderful and creative performer you are. I wish you much good luck to you in the future. I hope you will come often to the Family Center at COA.

Sherry Haaf Family Center Director

Thank you so much for your excellent presentation to Christensen School today. As you know, we are a unique "mix" of third grade through eighth grade, with a population of 700.

I have had nothing but positive responses from staff and students alike after your three assemblies dealing with Water's Wonders". Students of all ages were captivated by your presentation, and I was equally impressed with your ability to modify your presentation to better deal with various age groups and our diverse population. Our middle school students thought you were "cool", and came away with a better understanding of some "basic science" together with an appreciation of the fragility of our planet!!

Both Mr. Chappell and I were impressed with your skills as a performer, teacher, and motivator. Staff especially appreciated your classroom visitations and study guides. We would recommend you without qualification to any administrators looking for ways to teach and entertain their student body. Keep up the good work!

Bruce Chappell,  Principal
Vicki Scudder, Vice Principal
Christensen School, Livermore, CA
Thank you for the performance you gave today at our school. You were funny, informative, and showed that science can be fun and interesting. Our students particularly liked the contest against the teachers at the end of the show. It was a good experience for Tina, a girl from my class, to be in front helping you perform. Thank you for taking the time to come here and share your knowledge and enthusiasm for science with our students.

Jill Kaddatz Our Redeemer Luthern Church and School, Wauwatosa, WI
You were a hit. You carne, they enjoyed, Thank you!!
James and I were very pleased with your presentation, “The Bee - the Sea - the Tree - and Thee". It had a lot of child appeal -- and was user friendly. Plus, the content of your presentation correlated to the ecology-saving efforts we are always trying to impart to our children.
Miller's Recycled Zoo was a success again this year ... the children brought wonderful recycled animals. Your program was a major component and complement.  It was nice meeting you and having the opportunity to hear your unique presentation. You have a talent and style that is very special.

Mary Kogler  Zoological Society of Milwaukee County -Education Department
Thank you, thank you, thank you, Your program on Friday night was tremendous. First of all the film Common Miracles" is superb. The photography, the narrative, the “feeling" of the film is really striking, and I'd say fresh. The audience, young and old, responded very well. Your sensitivity to detail in the film and in your Professor Ooops presentation is second to none lt isn't often that we run across a talented person such as yourself. You have a gift to communicate. You have so many vehicles at your fingertips as well...Film, drama, humor.... We look forward to your return.

David W. Stokes, Asst. Dir. of Education Schlitz Audbon Center,- Brown Deer, WI

I would like to express to you my admiration and respect for your Professor Ooops! program. The show performance material is not only educational/, but extremely entreating as well. I received many compliments from other museum staff members and those who attended your show. I'll be anxious to discuss future mutual projects with you.

Julie Laporte, Community Relations Executive Discovery World Museum Milwaukee, Wi.

Thank you for spending the day with us, and for sharing the super film "Common Miracles with our students. Your follow-up small sessions were greatly appreciated. We hope to build off your presentation and begin some serious discussions on recycling, to be culminated with a recycling project.  We all enjoyed your humorous way of emphasizing our place on the “blue” earth and our need to care about it.

Dick Pilak, Principal, General Mitchell School, Milwaukee